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Informations Cruise Queen Elizabeth
New York, United States to Hamburg, Germany
January 16 May 10 - 113 Days
Voyage Q705M - World Cruise
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INFORMATIONS Informations CUNARD QE Cunard Queen Elizabeth 2017

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INFORMATIONS Queens Grill Suite Cunard Cruise Line Queen Elizabeth 2017 Qe INFORMATIONS Cunard Cruise Line Queen Elizabeth 2017 Qe Qe Grand Suite Q1 INFORMATIONS Cunard Cruise Line Queen Elizabeth 2017 Qe Restaurant 
Months City Cunnard QE
16 January New York, United States
17 January At Sea
18 January At Sea
19 January Fort Lauderdale, United States In Port
20 January At Sea
21 January At Sea
22 January Curacao, Antilles In Port
23 January At Sea
24 January Cartagena, Colombia In Port
25 January Panama Canal, Panama Cruising Only
26 January At Sea
27 January At Sea
28 January Huatulco, Mexico In Port
29 January At Sea
30 January At Sea
31 January Cabo San Lucas, Mexico In Port
01 February At Sea
02 February At Sea
03 February San Francisco, United States In Port
04 February San Francisco, United States In Port
05 February At Sea
06 February At Sea
07 February At Sea
08 February At Sea
09 February Honolulu, Oahu, United States In Port
10 February Lahaina, Maui, United States In Port
11 February At Sea
12 February At Sea
13 February Cross International Monthsline In Port
15 February At Sea
16 February Apia, Western Samoa In Port
17 February At Sea
18 February Nukualofa, Tonga In Port
19 February At Sea
20 February At Sea
21 February Auckland, New Zealand In Port
22 February Bay of Islands, New Zealand In Port
23 February At Sea
24 February At Sea
25 February Sydney, Australia In Port
26 February Sydney, Australia In Port
27 February At Sea
28 February Brisbane, Australia In Port
01 March At Sea
02 March At Sea
03 March Cairns, Yorkey's Knob In Port
04 March At Sea
05 March Alotau, Papua New Guinea In Port
06 March At Sea
07 March At Sea
08 March At Sea
09 March At Sea
10 March At Sea
11 March Okinawa, (Naha), Japan In Port
12 March At Sea
13 March Kobe, Japan In Port
14 March At Sea
15 March Kagoshima, Japan In Port
16 March Busan (Pusan), South Korea In Port
18 March Hiroshima, Japan In Port
19 March Hiroshima, Japan In Port
19 March Inland Sea, Japan Cruising Only
19 March Kobe, Japan In Port
20 March Kobe, Japan In Port
21 March At Sea
22 March At Sea
23 March Shanghai, China In Port
24 March At Sea
25 March At Sea
26 March Hong Kong, China In Port
27 March At Sea
28 March Nha Trang, Vietnam In Port
29 March Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam In Port
30 March At Sea
31 March Singapore In Port
01 April Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia In Port
02 April Penang, Malaysia In Port
03 April At Sea
04 April At Sea
05 April Colombo, Sri Lanka In Port
06 April At Sea
07 April At Sea
08 April At Sea
10 April At Sea
11 April At Sea
12 April Port Louis, Mauritius In Port
13 April Reunion, Reunion In Port
14 April At Sea
15 April At Sea
16 April At Sea
17 April Port Elizabeth, South Africa In Port
18 April At Sea
19 April Cape Town, South Africa In Port
20 April Cape Town, South Africa In Port
21 April At Sea
22 April Walvis Bay, Namibia In Port
23 April At Sea
24 April At Sea
25 April At Sea
26 April At Sea
27 April At Sea
28 April At Sea
29 April At Sea
30 April St Vincent, Cape Verde Islands In Port
01 May At Sea
02 May At Sea
03 May Tenerife,Canary Islands, Spain In Port
04 May Madeira, Portugal In Port
05 May At Sea
06 May At Sea
07 May At Sea
08 May Southampton, UNITED KINGDOM  
09 May At Sea
10 May Hamburg, Germany Disembark
INFORMATIONS Cunard Cruise Line 2017
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